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Extension Workshop Goes Beyond Hunting – Farm Progress

September 28, 2012

As the fall deer season approaches, a one-day workshop in Columbia will provide new and experienced hunters a look at topics ranging from the ecology of white-tailed deer to hunting regulations to preparing venison for the dinner table.

Missouri Venison University, Oct. 20 at the University of Missouri, is sponsored by MU Extension, the MU Division of Animal Sciences, the MU School of Natural Resources and the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC).

“Hunting white-tailed deer is an extremely popular recreational activity for hunters during the fall, and one of the benefits of harvesting a deer is to have high-quality and nutritious venison to enjoy throughout the year,” said Bob Pierce, MU Extension fisheries and wildlife specialist.


Fire Your Uplines – Learn to Make Real Money in Network MarketingAn Online Millionaire Plan – Blog

September 27, 2012

I fired them because I was only “points” to them. They weren’t effectively helping me become successful – because they also didn’t know what they were doing. Sorry if they read this, but it’s true.

Like you, I saw a lot of sense in being able to work from home and put in your own hours, to be able to work around the needs of your family and, frankly, whatever you personally felt like doing that day.

My uplines – and all that great company promotional stuff – weren’t helping me succeed…

Core Pin Machine Shop Services AY-MAC PRECISION INC

September 27, 2012

With our experience in manufacturing core pins, our customers often consult us to discuss and critique their design. We happily offer design advice with the intent to reduce the cost to the customer, plus improve the life and production performance of the pins.

About AY-MAC PRECISION INC core pins

September 27, 2012

AY-MAC PRECISION Inc. is a manufacturing hub of core pins for the aerospace industry. The world class machine shop is located in Windsor, Colorado, just north of Denver. The MacQueen family has been doing precision machine work since 1985 when they merged with Ayerst Engineering. AY-MAC PRECISION Inc. supplies many Fortune 500 companies around the world with quality machine parts. AY-MAC PRECISION relocated to Windsor, Colorado in 2007 and enjoys the Rocky mountain views and a quality workforce that strives for perfection in everything they do.

2 Millionaire Mentors to Guide Your Success in MLM Network Marketing – Network Marketing – Zimbio

September 27, 2012

The logic of this escapes people who don’t have enough money. But it’s quite simple: Money a symbol which shows the value you exchange with others. And the second principle is that this universe is built on reflection – what you give is what you get back, what is on the outside reflects what is on the inside.

So the amount of money you have reflects your attitudes toward it, as well as how much you’ve helped others achieve it.

And this is the great secret behind all MLM – it’s too much like money, which can be defined as “an idea backed by confidence.” In order to understand the secrets to MLM success, you need to study millionaires who are willing to teach you their own secrets.

Customers for Life, Set for Life | T. Harv Eker

September 27, 2012

Use of email to pre-test a product launch. How to get customers to become clients to become ambassadors – great stuff by T. Harv Eker (again).

Infographic: How To Do Keyword Research For SEO

September 27, 2012

Infographic on how to do SEO keyword research

The Internet? We Built That –

September 27, 2012

We built that. The Internt thing, you know…

The Google Dance Is Back

September 27, 2012

Google and now Panda Dance is back. SEO stuff…

Financial Freedom Challenge

September 27, 2012

Get Financial Freedom – the only seminar I recommend. Millionaire Mentors to follow.