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Releasing Jihadis From Gitmo — The Patriot Post

September 27, 2012

A very stupid move by a naive politician.

Amway Home Business Opportunities | Network Marketing Leads | Top MLM Companies

September 26, 2012

What you should know in order to succeed in Amway
It makes little sense for you to invest so much of your time – of your life – in a company which isn’t going to give you the best of the home business opportunities available these days.
The primary problem which Amway and other MLM organizations have is that once a new distributor runs out of “warm prospects” (people he personally already knows), then he’s dependent on those people who he has already sponsored to get their friends and associates sponsored.
Generating network marketing leads to become new prospects has become a major issue for Amway and other MLM home based businesses. For any home business opportunity, we highly recommend learning and applying the “funded proposal” system as developed by Mike Dillard in his “Magnetic Sponsoring” training. Additional to this is Mark Hall’s training site MLM Rock Stars, which gives you free training and necessary tools to generate your own MLM leads – which means, again, inviting them

How to Go on a Mind Diet – Lose Mental Fat – Leadership Skills ListAn Online Millionaire Plan – Blog

September 26, 2012

What you have around you – in your environment all the time – is what tells most people what they are thinking.

And what they think is just how their life turns out.

Now I could go on for hours quoting various authorities throughout history who say this exact thing. Earl Nightingale in his Gold record classic “The Strangest Secret” did just that. And Napoleon Hill (“Think and Grow Rich”, “Law of Success”) spent 20 years researching and interviewing over 500 industry, political, and cultural leaders to distill a single philosophy of success – and found this same point to be the core base of any success.

You need to be able to get in control of what is going on around you, because all that is what is influencing how clearly you think and how you influence the world around you.