Is Google Universal Search Biased Towards YouTube?

October 3, 2012

The short answer is…. It certainly seems so! There was a great post today from Sherwood Stranieri of SearchEngineLand titled, “Is Google Universal Search A Walled Garden?.” The nice thing about this article is that the author takes a fairly objective approach, giving Google the benefit of the doubt to begin with. However, research offered in the post does seem to demonstrate that Google may be preferentially treating Youtube videos within universal search results.
Previously we’ve covered some research that was done by Comscore which shows that among all universal search results, video results tend to dominate, along with results for news content. We also know that Google, as well as the other major search engines, are still experimenting with different user interfaces for Universal search. So, while the research seems to indicate that Google currently shows preference for Youtube videos; we know that changes are still being made. Therefore, what we see today, will likely chan


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