Replacement Heifers Bulls Hybrid Vigor Angus Galloway Brangus Cross

October 5, 2012

Replacement Heifers and Bulls

We raise replacement heifers and bulls on request for farmers and ranchers wanting to either diversify their herd genetics or replace with smaller frame size to improve profitability.

This is being made available at this time as we know a lot of people have had to downsize their herds due to recent drought.

We have recently just replaced all our older stock from our own saved-back heifers, so we now want to make our particular line available to others.

The original stock was a combination of Black-Whiteface and Brangus/Angus-cross cows. These were and are bred to a registerd Galloway Bull from Sapp Farms in Columbia, named “Gene Autry”.

These calves are composite, not registered or purebred. They can have more or less of Brangus or Hereford in their lineage. Right now, we can trace these back 3-4 generations and tell you general attibutes of any given calf.

The offspring of this mix has a low birth weight, fast-gaining calf which tends to be a medi


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