J’APE: Just Another Publicity Excuse – How to Publish Your (Kindle) Book for Shameless Self-Promotion and Profit: Robert C. Worstell, Richard Saunders: Amazon.com: Kindle Store

February 11, 2013

Learn the 3 Parts to Real Kindle Book Publishing How to write a book – real quick, shallow, ghost-written. How to publish your book – hire someone who does cheap kindle books, putting their name on the cover as payment. How to sell a book online – using your devoted, Kool-Aid-drinking fan-base to suck-up and give you fake 5-star reviews without having read the book. [Disclaimer: Obviously, this is a work of satire and has nothing to do with the real world. Any resemblance to any currently successful bestseller is just “Amazon Oddites.”] Solve the Key Factors Which Have Kept You From Publishing Your Book. Your life is out of Control because you didn’t devote yourself to learning celebrity-skills. You want to get Approval for everything you do – but that’s just the half of it. Find how celebrities can’t live without it, so self-publishing puts “Vanity” back into the Kindle Author name. You want to have the Security, but really you need to stick to that day job and leave all the PR to PR http://www.amazon.com/JAPE-Publicity-Shameless-Self-Promotion-ebook/dp/B00BE9K3I0/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1360584233&sr=1-1&keywords=jape+just+another+publicity+excuse+how+to+publish


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