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Why You Should Only Implement 10%

March 31, 2013

Well, if you’ve done NONE of it, you *should* feel guilty, and get your hind end in gear. But if you’re like most successful people, you’ve done 10-20%, and you’ve probably skimmed the best cream off the top. So if you lock yourself in your cave resolving to do the other 80-90% before you get more education, you’re violating 80/20. And you’re stuck.


Blogger: A Modern View – Edit post

March 25, 2013

Warning: Advanced Metaphysics – Strap On Your Giant “Thinking” Boots We’re going to take some steps today which are quite a bit beyond the “ordinary” – but explains humankind existence as we know it. As usual, this was derived from a dream. It’s not what was in the dream, but what the dream “told” me. Let’s take this simple logic: All of us individualities are derived from Self. Self is know-all (been there, done that – even before it “happens.”) Reality itself is a fiction (Maya). “We’re” mostly here for entertainment in its myriad forms.;postID=2248945937140648775