Kobo’s Top 5 Tips for Self-Published Authors — Kobo

April 7, 2013

The best way to link to your eBook on Kobo is to use the following formula: http://www.kobobooks.com/search/search.html?q=%5BeISBN%5D (replace [eISBN] with the 13 digit ISBN of your eBook) Also, think about expanding your reach by actively inserting yourself into conversations happening elsewhere. If you’re a romance writer, check out other Facebook fan pages, bloggers, Tweeters and others related to romance and comment within the conversations going on to create reciprocal relationships. But don’t stop there, look at groups that may not be directly connected like Mommy bloggers for romance and travel reads, or gaming enthusiasts for science fiction titles. If someone with thousands of Twitter followers enjoys your commentary or links and retweets them, you’ve just connected with potential new friends. http://blog.kobobooks.com/self-pub-success-template/


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