How to Avoid the Passion Trap, Page 2 |

April 29, 2013

There’s a fairly popular book from [ blogger] Scott Gerber, called Never Get A Real Job, and the idea is, “don’t ever work for somebody else.” The minute you get out of school, do a start-up. That will work in some cases, but the data shows that twice as many successful start-ups and tech start-ups are founded by people in their 50s, rather than in their 20s, and there’s a reason for that. Going down some career path, learning an industry and learning a discipline, and doing it on somebody else’s nickel—working for someone else—can be really valuable in terms of preparing. I think there’s certain disciplines or functions that are more useful than others, and an industry focus is helpful. If you’ve been involved in a particular industry, you recognize the patterns, and that’s the industry you found your start-up in. You’re going to be better than someone else that’s coming from a different market.


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