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Planned grazing, low-input cattle keys to ranch’s profitability

July 3, 2013

To put it simply, how the ranch was being managed and operated was not profitable. Pharo realized this fact and began looking for ways to improve.

Through this pursuit of a better way, he was befriended by several ranchers who subscribed to a low-input philosophy on ranching.

“They were challenging the traditional ways of doing things and were able to make money doing it,” says Pharo. “They were making money when most of us weren’t.”


HSUS Says Ranchers Don’t Care About Animals | BEEF Daily

July 3, 2013

I’m absolutely disgusted by his comments. HSUS is doing nothing more than conducting a libelous smear campaign with no merit.

Animal welfare is top priority to me, as I’m sure it is to my peers in the business. If we didn’t care, well, we would probably just plow up our pastures and plant some corn. After all, there are a few more bucks to be gained in crops vs. livestock these days, so if it was all about money, there would be far fewer cattlemen willing to save calves in a blizzard.